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"Where the jackstand is King."


GROUP Red is a pointless organization whose membership is composed of those who own a Corvair currently on jackstands. Its name was initially "GROUP Red '65 Corsa Coupes of DeWitt, Michigan Currently Westbound on Jackstands" (shortened to GR65CCDMCWJ), but in an effort to appeal to a broader membership, we (meaning me) have decided that anyone with a Vair in the Air can join. For simplicity's sake, we will simply call it GROUP Red.

There are no dues, no activities.... Like I said, it's completely pointless, except that if you have a Corvair on jackstands, you can e-mail me at a picture at and I will post it on this page. I would also like to post:

I'm also interested in posting pictures of the Vair after it returns to earth. I'll update this page as often as I can, but don't hold your breath.


Membership Roster

(member names that appear as hyperlinks go to member's GROUP Red pages with photographs)


  Thor Anderson

Ryan Bollig

Toby Brown

Tim Colson

John Cole

  Ryan Counterman

Chris Conner

  Jon Crisman

Charles Cromwell

  Jim Dallas

Jim Davis

Will Davis

  John Doe

  Doug Dunlap

Stan East

Barry Ellison

Kevin Fear

Ted Firth

Garrie Fox

  Rick Glesner

Charles "Greenbriar Goon"

  Art Griffiths

Ron Guy

Sherman Gossett

Tom Hacker

Keith Hammett

  Ken Hand

Clark Hartzel

Bill Hubbell

Perry Hoffman

John Hower

  Beth and Pete Inman

Tim Jolly

Terry Kalp

Chris King

Al Kidd

Bob Lindsey

 Doug MackIntosh

Ned Madsen

  Jim McLott

Roland Mehl

Don Manen

Mark Morrell

Dennis Nichols

  Rick Norris

Del Patten

Dennis Pleau

 Todd Reece

Joe Robbins

Chuck Sadek

 John Saxe

Rich Shepard

Tom Shepard

Marc Sheridan

Tom Stark

Ralph Staske

Vince Stroud

Tony Underwood


UPDATED!  Where's the Beef Racing, (Scott Trunkhill and Chuck Armer)

Robert Thomas

  "Wendy" Walker

Everett Wilson

Tom Willcox

Norm Witte

Doc Wolcoff 

Updated July 24, 2005 (once a year whether it needs it or not)

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