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Keith Hammett

Willard, Missouri

a big vert and a leetle one, a Rampy and a rustbucket


EDD: Sometime before Keith's kids are teenagers

The Story: I'll let Keith tell it:

"I went to work doing odd jobs in a body shop when I was 14. The owner of the shop had several Corvairs. My favorite one was a LM coupe that was white and had two different color blue stripes and a gray pinstripe down the hood that wrapped around the sides of the car. I fell in love with this car. He then brought in a convertible to start doing body work on. It was worked on for a short period and then I was instructed to get the storage shed ready to put the car in. The car sat for about 10 years with nothing being done, except for things being piled on it. I dropped in one day and he said that he was selling off all his Corvairs and the stripped one was already gone.

"I asked him about he convertible and he said that a fellow was coming the next day to look at it. Without even thinking or asking how much he wanted I told him to call the fellow and tell him that it already sold.

"Fast forward several, several years. I finally was able to get the car moved from the storage shed to my garage. The car was dollied from Pacific, Missouri to Willard, Missouri backwards (gasp, did he really do that) with no motor in it in 2001. Since that time I have put it up on stands to look at the bottom side to see how much work I was going to have to do. It has very, very, very little rust on the bottom side (mainly just surface rust). I have started to gather parts that I will need for the car, and to strip a '66 Monza (also qualifies for Group Red with a flat tire) that was wrecked.

"The date of decent is set for sometime before my kids are teenagers.

"Now for the REAL car.

"I bought this Fire Chief pedal car six years ago, and have just started to get it road worthy. It features a new support in the front. Rust and a bad attempt at repair were replaced. The date it went on jack stands (Corvair kicked off the 3 ton stands) was Aug. 2002. The date of decent is set before spring (pickup put it on the back burner, also took the stands) 2003. My youngest daughter doesn't mind that it has no wheels she still sits in it and moves it around. This will make her a fine car. Notice it is also a rear engined car and air cooled!"

I can't wait to see pictures of either of these fine rides when they're completed. 




In a twist on the old "Save the Whales: Collect the Whole Set" theme, Keith is doing his part to collect the whole set of Group Red vehicles.  He made the leap into fleet status with the acquisition of a Rampside and a highly attractive convertible parts car, which you can swing by and pick up any time you would like. 






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