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Chris King

Somewhere in the Great White North

1965 Monza

DOS:  November 2002

ADD:  May 2003

The Story: Chris has this singularly unattractive 1965 Monza.  At the time these pictures were taken, the car was on stands for brakes, exhaust, gas tank alignment (I hate it when my gas tank is out of alignment), transmission sealing, exhaust work, et cetera. When Chris wrote me the car was off the stands, but with the snow now flying, he expected it to be up again shortly.   If someone thinks I might have offended Chris by calling his car "unattractive," I offer in my defense the following quote:  "This car, looking more or less just like it does in these pictures (I obtained some missing moldings and frills like license plates), went to a bunch of local cruise nights this past summer. We'll see whether they let me back when they realize it still hasn't seen paint."  For more on Chris's search for a Corvair, check out his website.




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