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Del Patten

1966 Monza 140 A/C; 1964 Monza Convertible

DOS: About two years ago

EDD: May 28, 2003

The Story:  This '66 coupe is back on the ground but has to go back on stands for a short time to fix a shifting problem. It's not Del's only Vair. He has a convertible that was on the flat tires for about 10 years (that has to count for something), until the 110hp motor in "the Hulk" (Del's '61 Greenbriar) dropped a valve seat. Del needed the 102hp motor in the convertible (not the right engine for either car but wasn't too bad in the convertible...horrible in the Hulk) out of the 'vert, so up it went. He now has a 140 for the 'vert and hopes to get it started again before next summer. Who knows when the Hulk will get its 110 back?!

The seats and headliner in the '66 Monza are done with a material that supposedly came from a Geo Tracker...Mermaid Purple. The car has BMW door pulls, a CD player, and purple carpet.

Del says he has lots of jack stands, and I can believe it.







About that '64 Monza…Del originally bought in the midst of the gas crisis. It didn't have a top but if he says that you went fast enough, the rain seemed to slip right by! Del drove it to New Mexico back in '81 and it was his only motorized vehicle till I got the coupe. "A couple wives later, I gave it to my current wife for a wedding present 10 years ago and it has been non moving since then and on the stands for about the last 2 years. It did look a little better when I gave it to her but I hope to help it back to functional this winter."

It also has an interior done by the same folks that did the coupe and the Hulk, House of Covers. Del sent a picture of the 140 with the missing head that is slated to go in the hole. He says, "I think Kim will like that especially if I get a top for it too."

Del says he has made no color choice yet but it won't be red...the top or the body.

From the pictures, you can tell that even if it loses its red paint, this car is classic GROUP Red stuff.


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