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Dennis Pleau

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The Story: Dennis sent me a picture of his '65 with the exhaust hanging down. He also sent me several other Vairs that were not in the air but were in need of repair. The Corvan has been on the trailer since December 2000. It has four flat tires and unless Dennis puts four tires that hold air on it, he can't get it off the trailer because it is very heavy. Why? It's stuffed full of Corvair parts....

The Greenbrier is one of the projects Dennis hopes to start soon. He has an engine built for it, but needs a transmission. Since he built the engine, his wife Debbie has claimed it for her Lakewood , so he thinks he'll probably have to build another one for the Brier.

The '63 coupe just needs tires.

Now if only Dennis could find something to do….





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