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John Doe

Main Street, USA

1965 Monza convertible

DOS: ???

EDD:  ???

The Story:  This is kinda weird.  This picture was sent to me, and I was told that I can't tell anyone whose car this is.  If you look around this website enough you can probably figure out where it is.  What was being done to it, I have no idea.  The person who submitted the picture said I could make up my own story, so here goes....

This 1965 Monza convertible belongs to "Smitty" Smith, longtime Corvair buff and secret late model admirer.  Unknown to many in the Corvair world, Smitty keeps his late model convertible located out of state so that Tidewater folks won't know his dark secret.  Here we see the car as work progresses on the installation of a Pertronix Ignitor II electronic ignition module and an electronic fuel pump.  Work was recently completed on the dual master cylinder setup.   The car is in the air because Smitty is studying the feasibility of replacing the factory Corvair motor with a Subaru powerplant, which would make the car the second Subavair (or Corvaru). 

Don't worry, Smitty.  We won't tell anyone.  Promise.

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