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Charles Cromwell

1962 Monza convertible



The Story: This is not technically a jackstand picture but there's no way I could pass this up. Chuck sent me two pictures of his '62 convertible on its side getting ready for undercarriage repair. The battery has been removed, the oil has been drained and anything loose within the car has been removed. Chuck did not drain the transmission or rear end, but when the car is up on its side there is a slight leak from the transmission fill tube and the vent on the rear end.

This is not the first time that Chuck has tipped the car up on its side.

I studied a contraption like Chuck's on-line once and I don't think it would be a good idea for a modern water-pumper, but for a Vair it looks like a great way to work on the bottom of the car. Pretty neat deal, especially for the concours-retentive.




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