GROUP Red Member's Page

Thor Anderson

Highland, Utah

1964 Spyder convertible

DOS: November 2000

EDD:  August 15, 2003

The Story:  Thor's GROUP Red entry came as a result of the article that featured the GROUP in the April 2003 CORSA Communique.  He writes:

"I just read your article 'Unsafe at Any Height' in the Corvair Communique and felt I must submit my vehicle. My wife laughed when I told her about your web site since she figured I was a rare Corvair owner being more than a little slow at making all of the needed repairs. On the lift is a 1964 Spyder Convertible and next to it is a '65 Corsa 180 Coupe. The convertible went up on the lift in November of 2000 for a complete makeover. It will get a rebuilt engine, new floor pans, rebuilt front and rear suspensions, and new paint inside and out. I must say that I carefully studied the lift points on this car before cutting out the front floors! Although, technically, the car has been up and down repeatedly (by virtue of the lift) it has not touched the ground in over 2 years. I hope finally giving up on using jackstands for Corvair repair does not disqualify my entry!"

Thor, the lift doesn't disqualify your entry.  It just makes all the rest of us sick with jealousy.



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