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Todd Reece

Advance, North Carolina

1965 Monza convertible

DOS:  December 8, 2000

EDD:  April 20, 2003

The Story:  I'm sure it's been done before, but I can't resist:  here on this page we have pictures of Reece's pieces. 

Todd found the 1965 Artesian Turquoise Monza convertible shown here in a junk yard.  Its tires were flat and dry rotted, the top was ragged, and the brake reservoir was empty.  Todd says the original red paint was faded and lifeless but the body was straight and the motor roared to life when a battery was put to it.  I have news for you, Todd.  We don't find cars like that in junkyards up here in the rustbelt, and haven't for about 30 years.

The engine is the stock 110 and it has a 4spd tranny.  It has straight header exhaust, which I am sure has earned Todd the admiration and envy of his neighbors, and flames punch out about 2 feet.   It has 14" 225-60 tires on Keystone Raider wheels with three spoke spinners.

Todd says that this daily driver placed in the 1996 Peoples Choice at the 20th Annual Fall Corvair Affair in Clemmons, N.C.  It met its comeuppance when it spun a rearend bearing on the way to a Christmas parade.

Todd tore it down and figured he would replace the clutch assembly as well as the rear end.  Like most Corvair owners, time and money have been obstacles, but all parts are now on site.  The other repairs that are necessary are:

 In addition, Todd planned on making some other improvements while the car was on the operating table:





While working as a car salesman, Todd was able to park his convertible among the 2000 Camaros.  Todd says that after 35 years, she still looks contemporary.  Keep up the good work, Todd.

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