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Ted Firth

River Falls, Wisconsin

1965 Corsa turbo convertible

DOS: May 15, 2003

EDD:  Probably was done a long time ago.

The Story:  You know the story.  You had just intended to wheel out the paint, but by the time you get done, you're mid-way into stripping the car and replacing quarterpanels. 

Ted had one of these experiences.  In July 2002 his pilot bushing died.  By May of 2003 he had the car up on stands (Ted moves at my speed). According to Ted, "The little $8.00 part has turned into about $800 which really shouldn't be a surprise. Once I pulled the engine, I found the throw out bearing shaft was cracked, so, I need to get a differential rebuild. Of course, while I'm in there I might as well replace the flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, etc."

Can't wait to see the new paint job, Ted....



I love this car.

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