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Jim McLott

Norcross, Georgia

1966 Monza

DOS:  June 2003

EDD:  June 13, 2004

The Story: I really can't improve upon Jim's telling of the story: 

"Christine, the 1966 Monza convertible she-devil, resides with my wife Pam and me in Norcross, Georgia, just northeast of Atlanta. She [the car, not Pam -- Norm] had a major ATF leak from the torque converter, so up on stands she went. I didn't record the exact DOS, but it was about the middle of June, 2003. I've been working on pulling the engine and replacing the stator shaft and associated seal and bushing ever since. I've also come down with a serious case of "As-Long-As-I've-Got-It-Apart-I-Might-As-Well-Replace-This-Too" disease, which has slowed the repair considerably. But as you can see from the photo, the engine is finally off the ATV jack and back in the car. All that's left to do is put new heater hoses on and bleed the brakes. She should be back on the pavement by June 13th, 2004." 

Hey, that was yesterday!  Wonder if he got it done?



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