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Mark Morrell

1965 Corsa 180



The Story: In Mark's words: "Thought I would send you a couple photos of my '65 RED Corsa Coupe 180 that I am just getting started on. It should qualify for the club. I bought it as a basket case in the spring of 2001 and it sat outside while I built the garage it now sits in. I had planned on getting into it in the spring of 2002 but a dropped valve seat in my '66 Corsa Vert changed things. The vert has a new motor and is pretty much done as we get ready for winter so now I can think about the '65. I don't have heat in the garage and it gets cold in upstate New York so most of what will happen in the next 6 months will be minor. I'll get into it in the spring of 2003 if nothing else gets in the way. I had wanted to drive it to Carlisle next July but I know that won't happen. We may have it done in mid 2004. We'll see. It needs a bit of metal replaced in the door jamb areas on both sides and the base of the windshield. It has a bit of rust starting in the wheel well areas. The motor came in six or seven cardboard boxes and is a mix of parts. The bottom 6" of each door are cut off but it came with the replacement panels."

"The interior is not too bad and I haven't decided what I will replace. Depends on cash flow and degree of sanity. For now I'm doing simple things like polishing the wheels and trim pieces. Why rush it when you're having fun?"



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