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Art Griffiths

Merritt Island, Florida

1965 Corvair Monza 110/PG

DOS: December 2002

EDD: Mid-February 2003

The Story: Art, known in VV-Land as the Artful Dodger, says this car is southbound on stands. He's doing a number of tasks while waiting on parts to convert to 4 wheel disc brakes.

He tells his story of how he pulled at a loose string and unraveled the whole sweater:

"It all started with winning the hard luck award following the CFC Corvair Affair in St. Augustine, Florida (Nov '02). The trip home was fine for the first hour, cruising 70+ no problem. Got to Daytona and the fan belt started squealing - hmmm. Pulled over, got gas and took a look. Nothing obvious. Continued driving, but could only go about 55 without getting the squeal. Got stuck in traffic near an accident so I pulled off the road and took another look - that when I was spotted for the award... Still no answer but I was pretty sure a bearing was going south. Finally got home and went after the bearings. The idler pulley and alternator both had problems so I fixed them. I thought, while I'm at it I'll fix a valve cover drip (on one jackstand at that time).

"This is where the current story really begins. I thought to give the one rear tire not touching the ground a wiggle, to this day I don't know what possessed me to do it, and it went clunk, clunk when it moved side to side and up and down (not good!). So I proceeded to put the car in the garage as is seen in the current pictures and took a look at both rears. Only one was bad. Started to pull the right rear apart and got a look at the brakes, another problem. The metallic linings still had a few miles left but the drums were about shot and the wheel cylinders were leaking. O.K., I can fix that, better look at the left - same thing. Go back to R&R of the rear bearing units. I figure it's better to do both while I'm in there. Pulled the half shafts -oops all four u-joints are going bad. O.K. so I'll need some more parts.

"With the rear brakes needing work I though I should have a look at the rest of the system. Master cylinder was leaking a bit so that gives me the opportunity to upgrade to a double instead of the single. Also front calipers were rubbing the a-arms when the wheel is turned all the way and found out this can happen with the car lowered, which it is.

"Decided to put discs on the rear, Bob Coffin fronts, double master cylinder. That should take care of the brakes.

"While waiting for parts I'm trying to do some detail work and finding other little things to fix. Painted the e-brake lever, re-painting the trunk, found and fixed the transaxle drip, replacing some worn out softgoods and detailing the engine compartment."

Sounds like this car just wanted to spend some quality time with Art. It's pretty enough that I am sure he doesn't mind.




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