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Doug Mackintosh, 1964 Monza coupe



Doug looks to be a lukewarm GROUP Red member, preferring to keep his car on the ground. He writes, "As promised, here's a picture of my '64 project / daily driver to be, up on two stands. Please enroll me for "partial" membership! My son just got his learner's permit, so maybe we'll up the pace a bit."

"With my daughter, we went veery sloow until 6 months before she got her license, then we went VERY FAST!!!"


Doug sent some more pictures of airborne Vairs.  The first shows his '62 Monza, with the  powertrain out.  Doug was doing some powerglide work, brakes and miscellaneous freshening up. As you can see, Doug's blue '64 was still up on only up on one end, but it is encouraging to notice that in true Group Red fashion, it hasn't come down, either. 

Those who have had the pleasure of perusing the Corvair Basics book may recognize the license plate - this is the car they used as the "official '62" photo.




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