GROUP Red Member's Page

Rich Shepard

Salem, Oregon

Blue late model Corvairs



The Story: Rich labeled these two cars B-1 and B-2. Maybe together they are B-12. No, wait, that's a vitamin.

Anyway, here is what we know so far. B-1, the car in the first two pictures, has been off the road since 1974 when it was painted. Through four owners since then it has never been outside. Rich's EDD for driving it is before the 2005 convention in Portland.

B-2, the car in the third picture, was getting an engine swap and Rich was predicting that it would be back on terra firma by December 1, 2002. Since this page was up on jackstands itself for awhile, things are a little out of date here. I hope Rich got it going.

Looks like Rich uses one of those handy ATV lifts to change his motors.

Welcome to Group Red, blue squadron.





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