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Toby Brown

Santee, California

1967 Crown V8 Monza

DOS: Sometime after June 10, 2003


The Story:  Ok, on this one I am taking a bit on faith, since Toby promised the car would be on stands, even though the pictures still show the car firmly on terra firma.  Apparently, Toby has some hang-up about wanting to finish his barn first.  At any rate, the car already looks cool, and it doesn't even have a motor yet.  So check this out, y'all:


I guess that construction projects and V8 transplants don't keep Toby busy enough.  He says, "By the time this one goes up on stands, I will also own a '66 Corsa convertible with no engine. I am also getting an engine for it along with another incomplete Crown conversion car in or before August. I'll be knee-deep in projects for years to come! Ahh, the bliss...."

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