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Rick Norris

Hurricane, West Virginia

1969 Monza Convertible 140

DOS: Not too long

EDD: Back on the ground already

The Story: Rick's '69 vert is a pretty rare car. Only 41manual transmission, 140 motor convertibles were built in 1969. This one gets nicer every time its picture is posted. If you want to read more about Rick's Vairs, take a look at Steve Serenka's Ideal Garage story, or check out Gary Aube's extensive article on Rick's awesome V-8 powered Corvair. I don't know how I can improve on these two excellent articles, so I won't try.



Rick sent me this picture of a 110 drivetrain and asked me if it counts for Group Red.  I don't know anything else about the picture but the motor sure looks nice.


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