GROUP Red Member's Page

Perry Hoffman

South Valdosta, Georgia

1965 Corsa 180

DOS: October 2002

EDD: Mid-December 2002

The Story: Perry looks like someone who doesn't have what it takes for permanent GROUP Red membership, but he fully qualifies for membership at present. In the foreground please notice the bucket seats. The car is down, er, up for new carpet and a front end rebuild; the front end has yet to be removed. Perry expects the car to be up (or is that down?) and running again mid-December. As he lives in the South Valdosta, Georgia (like many VVers, he's a Michigan expatriate--born and raised in Holly, Michigan) this down time (or up time? I'm so confused) is at the wrong time of year (unless you have A/C) and Perry will miss some terrific driving temps and sights. Perry adds: "Especially the north Georgia mountains, right Chuckster?"



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