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John Cole

Holland, Michigan

1964 Spyder and 1966 Monza

DOS: November 15, 2002 (Spyder); recently (Monza)

EDD: ???? (Spyder); Spring 2003 (Monza)

The Story: Ooo, this is complicated. John tells the story:

"The 1964 Spyder was purchased seven years ago from a charter member in the Western Michigan Corvair Club. I towed the car home and played around with it and got it to run. It is a definite restoration project, not just a fixer-upper. The body is fairly solid but needs some work. The turbo will not spin so mechanical work is a definite also. In the seven years I have owned it, I have never been able to give it a home. My workspace at my Dad's is full of his stuff (imagine that). The true restoration has not begun because the car constantly has to be rolled out of the way for something else. In the one shot is the back end of my '63 700 coupe (another project to be sure).

"The 1966 Monza is a car that I am in the process of concluding the deal on. It is currently owned by the same gentleman from whom I acquired the Spyder. It is a very solid car still in the hands of the original owner. It will be on stands very soon for attention needed mostly because it was invaded by mice (the recent posts on killing the little pests were very timely). I also need to do some work on things as the car has been setting for close to 20 years. The interesting thing is that when Bob (the current owner) and I began to talk about completing the deal on this car the issue of my lack of room and he offered me his barn. The Spyder is now sharing space in the same pole barn that I first saw it over 7 years ago. I should have left it there the whole time.

"After I shot these I removed the seats from the car and began doing a little work on the interior. I can't believe all the little areas that the mice have gotten into. I pulled the plug wires and boots from the shrouding and found the remnants of a mice condo next to one of the plugs. So all shrouding will come off. I have the carbs off and am ready to do rebuilds. The next trip up will be to get all shrouding off and possibly start taking the brakes apart.

"Right now the goal is to have the car ready for a trip on Route 66 this summer. That plan may change depending on us finding a new house."

 I always admire a guy who has a fleet of Corvairs. Now if he just had a barn of his own….








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