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Wendy Walker

New Mexico

1960 Coupe



The Story: This car was "donated" to Wendy Walker by Bill Reider of Corvairs of New Mexico. It is a "caveman" 1960 that is being mildly modified with later front suspension and brakes. The powertrain is still up in the air (I kill me). He was contemplating a 110 that looks like a '60 the last time Del Patten (who forwarded the info for this entry) talked to him. Del suspects that the interior won't be all that caveman either.

Wendy is a home-taught body man extraordinaire and once made a 63 Caddy convert out of a 63 4 door...and you have a hard time telling that it wasn't factory. He also drives a '63 Monza convertible, a Pantera and has a Challenger 440 convert in the garage...there was a Ferrari hanging around for awhile but it went whimpering off into the New Mexico sunset. Del guesses it couldn't take the summer heat!




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