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Ryan Counterman

Kalamazoo, Michigan

1965 Corsa Kelmark V8

DOS:  November 8,  2003


The Story:  Ryan Counterman is one of the local Western Michigan chapter members.  He definitely has the Corvair bug.  He has a '65 convertible that was tragically wrecked in late 2003.  But we're not here to talk about that today.  First is Ryan's parts car.  This thing went on stands in December 2002 and will probably come down on a date of its own choosing. 

Here is the beast:




Yeah, there's a little fixer upper for the do-it-to-yourself type handyman. 

On a more uplifting note, in June 2003 Ryan went to Warsaw, Indiana and came back with a '65 Corsa Kelmark conversion car.  Unlike the Crown V8 conversions, the Kelmark setup flipped the transaxle so that the transmission was aft of the differential.  This provided more room in the interior, as the motor can sit farther back.  Ryan's Kelmark car went up in November 2003 for a fresh motor and numerous other upgrades, such as updated instruments and complete mechanical restoration.  It came down from the jackstands in May 2004 and will make it to the International Convention in Lexington...on a trailer, in true Group Red fashion. The body is very solid for a car that has been stored for about 25 years, with only small amounts of rust here and there.


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