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Doug Dunlap

Baldwinsville, New York

1965 Greenbriar



The Story: This submission came courtesy of Tim Colson, the e.e. cummings of Virtual Vairs

Doug bought this 80 hp van, equipped with 4-speed  3:55 '65 FC differential/trans, in Florida and hired a carrier to transport it to Tim's garage in New York for winter storage.  For reasons unknown, the carrier decided to drive it about 250 miles before trucking it the rest of the way. On the way he breaks a belt.   Apparently this did not seem to him to be a reason to quit driving....

Tim found it strange to find the van crossways in his driveway after 8:00 p.m. on a Sunday night with the truck heading out. He stopped them by flashing his everpresent digital camera at them, and got a story about not bothering me that late at night.  After they left and Tim started it up to put it in the garage.  The lifters rattled, the head gaskets hissed at him and the clutch slipped like mad.  Tim and Doug started by tearing the brakes apart and rebuilding everything.

Then Tim took the engine out... t was an 80 hp car engine driving a very rare '65 FC differential. doug found a low mileage  '65 car with a 95 hp engine so Tim resealed that motor, and installed new crank seals and a fresh blower bearing. They repainted all shrouds and converted the motor to FC duty by drilling the block, filling the dipstick hole and brazing in the shroud dipstick hole shut. Tim and Doug got all this work done, plus more, in the space of about two weeks.






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