GROUP Red Member's Page

Tim Jolly

Niceville, Florida

1964 Monza Coupe, southbound

DOS: December 2002

EDD: Owner likes March 2003

The Story: Tim insists that this is a temporary Group Red membership, but once we have you, we own you, man.

This car is getting a complete brake check. Tim's also investigating a drive line rumble he thinks could be an axle bearing. It has no heat, so Tim's going to inventory underneath for needed parts: boxes, doors, hoses etc. Tim expects that the car will be on and off stands through winter. Must be nice to not freeze to the driveway when you're working outside in December, Tim.

I like Tim's pictures. Nice and clear, good looking car, and you can see that Santa's on alert making sure the vehicle stays secure.

Tim says he's new to Corvairs. Welcome to Group Red and Corvairs. You've made a great choice, as I think you are finding out already. By the way, you must get lots of jokes with a name like Jolly, hailing from Niceville and all. I'd make one, too, but I am sick of Witte jokes, so you get a pass here.



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