GROUP Red Member's Page

 Beth and Pete Inman

East Jordan, Michigan

1965 Monza coupe

DOS:  2002

EDD:  When it's done

The Story: I know these pictures don't show the car on jackstands, but I know Beth and I trust her.  She says that the car was on stands when she wrote to me, and from the pictures she sent it is clear that the car is prime GROUP Red material in spirit at the very least.

Beth and Pete drove to Moline, Illinois and bought this car.  "Paint ready"...that's what the ad said.  When we got it home and crawled under it....well, they are still working toward "paint ready. "

At the time Beth wrote it was up on stands for a set of dual Flowmaster 50 series mufflers  This car was originally Evening Orchid and will be sprayed the same color, but will get a white factory interior instead of the original black.  It will get 1970's 14" Chevy rims with wire covers.






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