1968 Imperial Crown Project  

Imperial Heart Surgery:  Freshening the Motor, and Some Other Stuff

This is the saga of how an engine leak developed into something a bit...more.  The links below tell the tale.  It all began in September, 2013....

September 26, 2013: The best of intentions.

October 7 2013: The motor spills its guts.

October 9, 2013:  A couple quick pictures.

November 12, 2013:  Paint, pans, heads and things that really have no business in a motor.

November 20, 2013:  The block is back.

November 21, 2013:  Head job.

January 11, 2014:  Dressing the motor.    

January 23, 2014:  An interlude....

January 29, 2014:  It's beginning to look like a 440.

February 12, 2014: The Bieberization of the motivation.

March 6, 2014:  I love it when plan starts to come together.

March 12, 2014:  Heater core issues.

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