Turbo Odyssey Part 27 -- Heat Shields and Sand

October 18, 2005

Although I was at the office most of the day Sunday, I was able to get a little work done on the convertible in the evening after the kids went to bed.  I installed the rocker molding on the passenger side and the wiper arms, so now all of the exterior trim is done.

A few readers on Virtual Vairs noted that I had a 1964 style heat shield on my turbo.  I bought the part on eBay.  It's in nice condition, but it is the wrong part.  The significance is that the dent in the heat shield is not deep enough to accommodate the spare tire in a late model engine compartment.  When I bought the car, the heat shield was missing.  The owner later found the part and thoughtfully sent it to me. However, as frequently happens, the mounting tabs had fatigued and cracked.

I bought a pair of replacement tabs from Clarks, and then took them, the early heat shield, and the broken original part to Bannasch Welding, probably Lansing's biggest welding operation.  Using the early heat shield to locate the tabs, the welder mounted the new stainless tabs, and even rounded the turbine ends. (The Clark replacement part is cut square at the bolt end rather than rounded as was the case with the factory part.)

With a little time on the buffing wheel the new tabs shined up nicely.

With the original heat shield installed in  the car I was able to fit the spare with plenty of clearance.

Another problem I tackled last night was a by-product of the media blasting.  When I first drove the car, sand started blowing out of the defrost and heat vents.  This was a result of blast that had gotten into the ductwork.  I had forgotten that I had the same problem with the red Corsa when it was media blasted.

I got the front of the car up in the air and dropped the tunnel pan. 

 Of course, sand poured down on me.  With a little work I was able to separate the duct work at the front and get a vacuum cleaner hose into the duct.  Hopefully I won't have a sandstorm next time I drive the car.

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