Lewis and Clark Diorama

My oldest  daughter Allison and I are building another diorama for school.  This one is going to depict a scene from Lewis and Clark's expedition.  So far we are still building scenery.  We built up a foam core and Styrofoam peanut base, and coated it with plaster of Paris.  Allison stippled the  final coat of plaster with a brush to provide realistic texture. A base coat of red soil was then airbrushed, followed by a couple coats of various washes to bring out detail.  We added model railroad grass and sphagnum moss trees for foliage.  We still have to add more trees, water for the lake, and 1/700 scale photo-etched ship model figures.

We had a change of plans on the scale of this thing.  I obtained some 1/700th scale figures but they were simply too small, so we went with HO scale (1/43) figures instead.  This necessitated removing the trees, which were no longer in scale.  

As completed, the diorama rests on a  base made of a box containing things Lewis and Clark found on their travels.  The box was entirely Allie's work and is lighted.


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